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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our service technicians are experts in troubleshooting garage doors and opener systems.

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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service understand the way that garage doors work and servicing garage door issues is what we do best.

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our company is composed of door experts who can effectively replace broken garage door springs.

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Best Maintenance/Installation Garage Door Services

There is extensive knowledge on this garage door FAQ page. Keep reading!

What causes the garage door motor to make humming sounds?

The strange sound is most probably due to jammed gear or mechanism. The door should be disconnected from the opener and the motor should be inspected in detail. Timely repair of the problematic part is necessary so that further trouble is prevented.

What are the most serious garage door issues?

A broken spring and a snapped garage door cable are perhaps the worst problems which can occur. This is because they cause complete malfunctioning of the door and pose a risk to the users. They require immediate attention from the specialists of garage door repair company in Cambridge.

Is the problem with the door or with the opener?

If strange sounds are produced, the problem is probably with the opener. If there is an issue with the movement of the door, you have to lift it manually half way through. If it is heavy or starts moving either up or down, the issue is with the spring.

What is the useful life of a garage door opener?

This depends on the maintenance provided, on how often it is used and on the weather and the conditions in the garage. In general, if you notice any serious operating issues and they come back shortly after repairs, replacement will be the best option.

Is using an electric glass garage door a good idea?

Generally, it is not a good idea to mix glass panels with the operating mechanisms of an electric garage door. There are too many things that could go wrong – as one little mistake could end up breaking the fragile glass garage door.

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